Biochemical Calculators



The Calculators section on the site allows the user to work out the weight of solids which must be dispensed to make up solutions of laboratory reagents, it also allows users to calculate how to do both single and serial dilutions, and how to calculate amounts (in grams or milligrams) from mole amounts, using molecular masses, and vice-versa. Go to Calculators


The Quizzes section presents the student with problems of a biochemical nature, which they are bound to encounter as undergraduate, and as postgraduate, students. Students are encouraged to work through these problems, using the formulas provided, and then to double-check their answers using the BiochemiCalcâ„¢ calculators. Go to Quizzes


The Reference section provides help and "hands-on" advice to new laboratory personnel regarding the correct way to precisely and accurately prepare biochemical, or chemical, solutions such that experimental performance can be optimised. Go to Reference